Home and Garden

Check Out That Real Estate Market

Our housing market is even hotter than our hotdishes! Good for the buyer, good for the seller. You know, it's just like good ol' Paul Wellstone used to say: "We all do better when we all do better."

Get in the (Garden) Zone

It gets a bit nippy here in the winter, dontcha know, but by golly with that hard frost comes the greenest thumbs and prettiest flowers I ever saw!

Look at all that grows good out here in USDA Zone 4B:

Get Your Greens, Even in Winter

Como on down the conservatory! We've got your sunken gardens, your Japanese gardens, your bronze German poet statues. It's always sunny in philodendron-ville!

Haunt the Old Haunts

Take a walk down Memory Lane. See what they've done with the place.

Haunt the New Haunts

Visit with the clown-queen and -king of Kingfield. Get a bunga-load of their Arts and Crafts charmer! In glorious 3D.