For the Birds

Oh, for gosh sake, get a load of that dawn chorus!

Redstart Kerfuffle

Oofda! This rare bird sighting in the Macalester Groveland neighborhood sure did cause quite a stir. The MN birder sure are an energetic bunch, what with their tweeting and their shutter-snapping. You can read more about it in the local rag:

The Rare Nordic Hooligan

Did someone say "Loonesota"?

Whoever it was, they sure are a real card! Maybe a red or a yellow card, if you know what I mean. I sure do crack myself up!

Dick and Ray, Kingfield terrier (and bungalow) enthusiasts

Minne-pup-olis and Saint Ball

For cairn's sakes, I bet you didn't know that the Twin Cities is the most dog-friendly metropolis according to Sticks and Bones Monthly Weekly Daily. Fetch these canine-related links:

North Shore? Fer Shore!

Who needs that west coast when you got the north coast, is what I always say. Also who doesn't love a good cliff?

They're a hoot up there in Duh-lute. Great barbers in Two Harbors. Don't need to spend a grand to have a grand old time in Grand Marais. Just watch out for those touchy-feely types in Ely! Gotta keep your boundaries up by the Boundary Waters.


Oh fer cyoot! Some of your favorite critters.